MyPlushBuddy Plush Gift

Why a plush is the best gift?

It is said “memories are perhaps the best gift of all”. When you are giving a self-drawn plush to someone, you are not just giving a soft toy, instead you are giving those memories to them which they will cherish their entire life. You are showing your love and affection in a best way you can. People say that gift can be anything that makes other person happy but gifting a plush toy doesn’t only makes them happy but also surprised by seeing their own imaginative ideas turned into reality.

A plush is not always about gifting other, it can be a gift to ourselves too. Can you imagine opening a box and seeing a custom plush toy of your own self staring at you? That happiness of witnessing your thinking produced into reality is completely different.

Gifting a plush to others or ourselves somewhere creates a very strong interpersonal and intrapersonal connections.

Your childhood memories are always responsible for your present imaginative ideas and will be responsible for your future innovations.

So, cherish your childhood memories with your own creativity and order your very first plush toy with MyPlushBuddy