Shipping & Delivery

Materialize your little one’s creativity with Buddy softies. An exclusive plush toy that captures your child’s imagination to the very detail.

What is the current production lead time?

Our production lead time varies based on the season and the number of orders we have in our queue. Currently, our production lead time is 4 to 5 weeks.

Does the production lead time include shipping time?

No, the production lead time does not include shipping time. Shipping time is separate and depends on the type of shipping selected when placing your order. We offer both standard and express shipping options.

What is Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)?

Estimated Time of Arrival, or ETA, is the expected time when your softie will be delivered to your doorstep. The ETA is calculated as the current production lead time plus the selected shipping time. Please note that the ETA depends on the current production lead time and the shipping method chosen during the order placement. You can find your specific ETA on your order receipt and track it at

How can I check my order's ETA?

You can easily track your order's progress by visiting and entering the unique tracking code provided on your order receipt.

Can the ETA change after I've placed my order?

Yes, the ETA may change. It's important to note that the ETA can be influenced by the approval process on your end. During production, there may be instances where we require your input or approval on certain aspects of your order. We encourage a timely response to maintain the initially provided ETA. Our automated system will send you reminders to ensure a smooth process and prevent delays.

What is the current ETA for my order?

The current ETA is calculated as the production lead time (4 to 5 weeks) plus the chosen shipping time. For express shipping, shipping typically takes 4 to 5 business days, while standard shipping usually takes 10 to 12 business days. You'll receive a specific date range for your ETA on your order receipt.

Packaging procedure

Our Plush Buddies and Softies come in the safest and most secure packaging possible. We sanitize the products as well as the packaging to meet COVID-safety regulations. We invest in quality packaging material to keep the softies in shape for the transit. We also include a cotton gift bag, tissue papers, and a ribbon along to keep your buddy softie safer and more presentable.

Shipping destinations

Our Plush Buddy delivers to over 200 countries worldwide. You can find out if we ship to your country from the drop-down list on our order page. We are associated with leaders in Couriers whom we consider dependable and trustworthy of delivering happiness to every household with our products. They operate in all of these countries to make sure your precious softie reaches you quickly and in mint condition.

Taxes and Duties

Plush toys have duty free shipping in most countries. However, in case of the countries which do charge duties, it will be calculated accordingly with the shipping fee. The prices of our products are exclusive of any taxes or additional fees.