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Custom Plush Dolls to Keep Military Families Stay Closer

Sometimes, people have to go far away. We don't always understand why, and rarely do we want them to go. But we offer a custom plush selfie doll to help take some of the hurt away. We put photo to doll and help you create something to snuggle for years to come!

A plushie is a stuffed doll, or stuffed animal, that could look like anything! It could be a person, or an animal we love so much that we had to hug it! Sometimes we keep it on our bed, and sometimes we carry it around because we love it so much. But generally, it is soft, squishy, and huggable. It is special to use. Sometimes we have one that we love more, or sometimes we have a bunch that we just have to have!

We have the ability to make dolls that look like you. Whether you're the one going away, or someone you love is going away, we can take the photo you give us-whether it's yourself, or a loved one, and we create personalized stuffed dolls that look just like you or your loved one! Our selfie dolls are there to give you comfort and love. Whether you're the one leaving, or someone you love is leaving, we create selfie dolls to add to your collection, or to start a collection!

Putting photo to doll will give our hands the ability to put your custom plush selfie into something that you can hug when you're missing that special someone. Or, the personalized stuffed dolls will give your loved one selfie dolls that they can hug when missing you is especially strong. There's no way to go wrong with dolls that look like you. Our selfie dolls are that link to family that we crave.

Military families would benefit from personalized stuffed dolls especially. When a parent is moved to another city, state, or even another country, the families often miss whoever is gone a lot. Having a custom plush selfie doll sitting on the couch, or even on the bed to snuggle at night, would be a sweet reminder of whoever is gone. During the day, you could sit the selfie dolls on the couch and play with it, talk to it, or even carry it around all day!

You could take selfie dolls into your room and play with them. You could sit them on chairs and talk to them, give them speeches, even put on plays for them! Our custom plush selfie dolls will sit and listen, giving you time to recite everything you have to say. It'll be like your loved one was right there! At night, you could hug and snuggle them as you fall asleep.

You could even send dolls that look like you to the loved one who is away! Imagine your loved one, after a hard day, pulling out the custom plush selfie you sent with them and hugging it. It would be a sweet reminder of the ones they left behind. Seeing your face and hugging it when they feel alone, or miss you so much they need to hug something, it a wonderful reminder of home, and a great way for your loved one to get a chance at hugging you when they can't be there with you

Our personalized stuffed dolls can also be ordered in two sized. 16’(16 inches) or, for those extra big loved ones, 25’(25 inches) You can choose between these two sizes for your selfie dolls and make sure you're doing your loved ones justice! Or maybe you just need a bigger reminder of your loved ones. We give the option and leave it up to you.

Not to mention, our personalised stuffed dolls also can come with a certificate for their birthday, which, could also be a great birthday present for your loved one! Getting one of these certificates on the birthday of your loved one would be a great way to show them that you were thinking of them on their birthday! Selfie dolls that come with a certificate just gives your gift an extra oomph!

With a little help from you, getting a doll is very easy, too! All you have to do is get or take a picture of your loved one, or of yourself, whichever you want a doll made of. You save the picture on your computer, then send it in using the website MyPlushBuddy . Or, if you'd like, you could describe the doll, and describe what you want the doll to be wearing. From here, you can also add what size you want, and if you want a certificate.

You can also decide if you want to have us make more than one, just in case you want to give out more than one. Here, you can also tell us to rush it, in case you have a time limit and want it to get to someone in time for their birthday or holiday. We put photo to doll, and boom! We'll create your special doll, and send it on its way!

Having a doll of someone you love is a very special gift. It can remind you of the wonderful times you have, and our personalised stuffed dolls can help with that. We take what we do seriously and want to help link families around the world in this very special way. Everything we use is carefully selected to make sure that we're bringing the best custom plush selfie dolls possible.

We want dolls that look like you to last a long, long time, just like your love. We don't use anything that can hurt, like corrosive metal or soft plastics, to ensure that everything will stay in tip-top shape for years to come. The last thing we want is for a little one to be playing hard with one of our selfie dolls and not getting hurt! We take pride and care in our work, just as your loved one takes pride and care in the picture they chose.