Buddy Mascots – Custom Plush from your Brand Icon or Figure


Your Symbolic Figure as Plush

We can create your mascots. Be it a person, animal, object or any icon that you adopted as symbolic figure, we at MyPlushBuddy can convert it into Plush Mascots.

A figure or a person you think can bring good luck or can symbolize any organization or any event, share it with us and we will convert it into cuddly buddy plush mascots

We use high quality material to create mascots and add embroidery to give it an awesome look.

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Create Mascots for your brand Logo

Create a Plush mascots of your brand icons, logo or any character. Even it is good idea to create your mascots in the form of a cartoon design making it relatable, so it gives your audience an easy and attractive way to connect and understand more and more about your company or product or services you offer.


Brand Mascots

In this era of technology every brand wants to connect personally with their user group. They use many different kinds of advertising techniques to do so. Mascots is one of the ways to connect with your customer base. Mascots is an option to materialize your brand's personality. We at MyPlushBuddy can convert your symbol in the form of Plush Mascots; be it a figure or person or animal, we can create a high-quality Plush Mascots.


Mascots Bulk Production

Be it an event or any promotional activity, mascots can make it successful and special. We can do bulk production of your brand icon or promotion figure. Share with us an image or artwork of your Mascots or icon and we will convert it into a high quality custom made plush in bulk. There is no limitation for minimum order.


Your brand ambassador as a plush mascots is always a best choice

A mascots breathes a new life to your brand or product or service you offer. Creating a plush toy of your brand ambassador as a plush toy is icing on the cake.

We can help you create mascots in any desirable size for various range,

  • MyPlushBuddySports mascots
  • MyPlushBuddyGovernment mascots
  • MyPlushBuddyCorporate mascots
  • MyPlushBuddySchool mascots
Whatever it is your heart wants to turn into a real-life toy, we do that for you here at My Plush Buddy.
  • MyPlushBuddySuperhero mascots
  • MyPlushBuddyMythological mascots
  • MyPlushBuddyCat
  • MyPlushBuddyBirds
  • MyPlushBuddyPeople
  • MyPlushBuddyDogs
  • MyPlushBuddyHorses
  • MyPlushBuddyBears
  • MyPlushBuddyOthers