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What is a Custom Plush Toy and How MyPlushBuddy Works to Get One for You?

It can be tricky to come up with good gift ideas that children will love. They can be very picky and not everything will hold their attention as well as you would want it to. The search for the perfect gift can go on and on and could ultimately lead to frustration and settling on a gift that the kid won't like. But what is the solution? It can't possibly be letting the kid make their own customized gifts, can it?

The imagination of a child is truly something amazing. Whether it's the drawings they make or the personalities and names they give to their stuffed animals. Their imagination should never be limited. But, sometimes it is. A drawing can only be a drawing. Or, at least that's how it used to be before Custom Plush Buddy came along. What is Custom Plush Buddy? It's a new and growing company that is dedicated to making dreams come true by making custom plush toys. But, what does that mean? What exactly do they do?

Custom Plush Buddy will make a stuffed animal out of whatever picture you send them! It can be a drawing made by a child or even a picture of the child themselves! All you have to do is go to their website and upload the photo as you place your order, and you'll receive an incredible custom plush! It can make for the perfect gift for kids. A plush made from their own drawing is perfect because you already know the kid will like it because they're the one who designed it!

A plush toy is a toy that is sew together with fabric and stuffed with a flexible material. They are also often referred to as plush toys, plushies, stuffed animals, stuffies, soft toys, and cuddly toys.

What is a Plush Toy?

The process of getting one of these plushies could not be any easier. All it takes is going to and then following the instructions to upload your chosen drawing or photograph to the website. Then you just have to place your order! My Plush Buddy will take it from there! After the order is placed, the Custom Plush Buddy team of artisans begin work on turning the drawing, or photo, into a plush, using highest quality fabric with best decorative material. They are also made in adherence to European Union Standards. Once done, the stuffed animal is shipped to you. Once it has arrived, these custom plush toys will became an instant favorite of the child who drew them.

This is how it works:

A 'Buddy Softie' is a drawing that is turned into a plush stuffed animal by the My Plush Buddy team. It's the perfect personalised gift idea for a child in your life! How incredible would it be to see any of the drawings that you have made come to life in the form of custom plush toys? Well, that can be a reality for a child in your life. Imagine the smile on their face as you gift them a stuffed animal based on one of their favorite drawings that is made of soft and high quality materials. There is no limit to what drawings the My Plush Buddy team are willing to turn into an adorable plush. Whether it's superheroes, fictional characters, cartoons, anime, funny faces, emoji sketches, caricatures, or doodlings the drawing can come to life with My Plush Buddy.

Ordering a 'Buddy Softie'

The 'Buddy Softie' makes for perfect customized gifts for any and all of the children, or adults, in your life. They are great gifts for birthdays, holidays, or any other special occasion where you want to make a kids day a little better

Another option Custom Plush Buddy offers is the 'Buddy Selfie'. A 'Buddy Selfie' is a detailed plush made from your own pictures! You can get a life-like version of your friends and family and keep them with you at all times. Celebrate your love and friendship with a selfie plush doll custom-made to your choice. All it takes is sending the My Plush Buddy Team the picture that you'd like a softie version of and would love to keep at your side at all times. The team will tailor-make the 'Buddy Selfie' plush keeping in mind every small detail of the face, the dressing style, and the overall look. It's makes for perfect custom gifts from parents or spouses who work far away or have to spend long months away from their family. The custom plush toys made from a photo is a perfect way to keep them close.

Ordering a 'Buddy Selfie'

No matter how complicated, My Plush Buddy is dedicated to creating a plush from your photo. They have made plush versions of family members in the Military, Army, and Navy. They have also made ones of police officers, doctors, nurses, fire-fighters, paramedics, athletes (in all kinds of sports), CEOs, brides and grooms, and even plushies of kids. What ever it is that you want, they'll make it!

A 'Buddy Selfie' is an incredibly touching personalized gift idea to help someone stay close to their favorite person

My Plush Buddy can create a plush version of your mascot. It could be a person, animal, object or any icon that you have adopted as symbolic figure or it can be a figure or a person you think can bring good luck or it can symbolize any organization or any event. Whatever it is, the artisans at My Plush Buddy can turn it into Plush Mascot. They will use high quality materials to create the mascot and add embroidery to give it an awesome look. You can even order them in bulk to get multiple plushies of your mascot!

Ordering a Mascot

Whether its a sports mascot, a school mascot, corporate mascot, brand logo, brand icon or a person, dog, cat, bird or any other animal or mythical creature, My Plush Buddy can make it for you.

Regardless of what you need, a gift for a child, a gift for a friend, a mascot for your company, or anything in-between, My Plush Buddy has exactly what you are looking for. These stuffed animals are perfect custom gifts that are much more personal then gifting some other plush

Making stuff is so much fun but seeing what you've made in person is way more fun! Plushies that you can hold, and actually give to someone, will be an amazing feeling! A personalized gift idea is the best way to feel proud. Custom gifts are the best way to see your friend's face light up with joy when they open them. Customized gifts, and customized plush toys show our love for the person. And you can order a certificate for your plushies, to mark the day they were born!

You can make them big!

Do you or your family member like bigger toys? You can make plushies BIG now! Custom plush toys, normally 16'(16 inches) can now be ordered as 25'(25 inches)! If your arms can snuggle more, you can order plushies that are BIGGER in size! Or maybe your friend feels bad and needs an extra big stuffed animal to hug. Plushies that are bigger can hold many more snuggles!

We can make YOU!

It isn't just monsters and fairies and animals we can make. Our custom plush toys can also look like YOU! Do you love someone extra hard? We can make them, too! Customized gifts in the shape of a friend or family member can be a sweet way to help remind you of that person. Plushies that look cool and you can show off to your friends is really fun! Not to mention, custom plush toys that look just like your friend or family member can be a great personalized gift idea!

Anyone or anything you want!

You could make a plush that looks like ANYONE. Do you have a favorite character on a tv show? Does your friend want plushies of a certain character, or plushies of a character they don't have? Maybe a family member has a lot of plushies and wants to add to their collection. This is why custom plush toys are great! Customized gifts are the perfect way to make a collection bigger. Adding plushies to a collection and giving a plush to someone who doesn't have a specific one is a great personalized gift idea. Plushies add personality and style to any collection, as well as softness and comfort.

A stuffed animal that is a customized gift, or plushies that look like your friend's favorite monster, or even your favorite person in the world are perfect for holidays and birthdays! A personalized gift idea is definitely the way to go, and custom plush toys are the best way to show love and appreciation to that special someone.