Buddy Selfie – Custom Plush Doll from Photo

Your own limitation!

A detailed plush made from your own pictures. Now click you and your loved ones image and share.

A dazzling gift ideal for everyone. Give them an inimitable way to celebrate their special moment.

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Handmade selfie plush dolls from photo of your loved ones

Create a life-like version of your favorite person at My Plush Buddy and keep them with you at all times. Celebrate love and intimacy with our selfie plush doll creations custom-made to your choice.

You send us the picture of your loved one whose softie version you would love to keep at your side at all times. We tailor-make the selfie plush toy keeping in mind every small detail of the face, the dressing style, and the overall look.

If you are a parent working far away from your kids or a spouse having to spend long months away from your significant other, our custom plush toys from photo is the most perfect way to keep them close to you.

Bring us a photo - take home a selfie plush toy, your own Buddy Selfie
We can make a beautiful photo stuffed doll from any image you have in mind. No matter how complicated or different, we can create it with equal fervor. Not only of parents, children, or spouses, we specialize in a wide variety of photo face dolls at My Plush Buddy.
Buddy Softie
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Stay close to your favorite person

Distance is never easy in the course of love, be it between a parent and a child or between two spouses. Maybe you are employed in the nation's defense and have to stay away from home for most of the times. Or maybe your child goes to a boarding school and you cannot see them as much as you would like to.

The heart yearns to see the loved ones, but the circumstances do not allow that.

At My Plush Buddy, we make your wish come true by recreation a detail-oriented, feature-specific doll from you provide. We can create plushies with the specific professional uniforms for parents or in the wedding attire of spouses. Our artists have special skills and talents to stitch together the assemble with the softest material and create the most huggable plushies you can imagine.

Never be far away from your family, order selfie plush doll from photo

With our custom plush toys from photos, we make sure that you are never too far away from your family. Even if you are a frontline fighter posted at the country's borders or an international level sports person representing the nation around the world, your kid can go to sleep with your photo's plush toy by their side every night.

The plushies from photo we create are completely kid-friendly and made from safe, non-toxic materials. We guarantee durability and resistance of our plush toys, so that your little one can take it along on all their adventures.