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Options to Build Your Custom Plushie

What could be a more personalized gift for your loved ones than giving them something that they designed, something which is unique to them, something they would cherish their entire life - their very own custom plush toy

Order today and get your hand-made custom plushie within 5-7 weeks with free shipping worldwide

Expedite production & delivery options are also available

Buddy Softie

Drawing to stuffed animal

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Custom stuffed animals from drawings
  • Drawing to stuffed animals.

  • Unique personalized gift for family & friends.

Buddy Selfie

Photo to plush doll

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Look alike dolls
  • Custom dolls from photo.

  • Perfect memorial gift for your loved ones.


Brand icon to plush

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Custom plush mascots
  • Plushies of brand icon.

  • One of a kind for brand promotion.

wholesale manufacturers of custom plushies

Custom Plush Manufacturer

"No limit for minimum orders"

Happiness increases exponentially when it's not limited to just one person but shared with everyone we love. So, if you are planning to surprise your family & friends and make them feel special then we are here to support you on your 'Spreading Happiness Mission'.

Our beautiful hand-made custom plush buddies make a beautiful, personalized gift to best convey your love and gratitude towards your people. If you’re looking for something out of the usual gifting options, then this is where your search ends!

We offer bulk production services and custom orders at best discounted prices for brands, schools, colleges and many more. Order your very own out-of-ordinary bulk plush buddies here:

How it Works

"Getting the dream custom plush toy from My Plush Buddy is quite a cake walk"

3 magical steps to convert your artwork or photo into a plush toy

draw your plush

Step 1

Paint your thought onto a canvas; take a picture and send to us

custom plushie maker

Step 2

Our artisans work on your artwork and create your very own custom plushie

cuddly plushies

Step 3

Hold your breath and get ready to meet your very own custom plush buddy

custom plush toy as the best personalized gift

Let Your Kids Find a Forever Friend in Our Custom Plush Toys!

Childhoods are largely defined by the toys we play with and their memories stay with us for a lifetime. It is important for kids to have toys that they find familiarity with and embrace with their heart, for their cognitive and emotional skills to develop. At My Plush Buddy, we create hand-made custom plush toys tailored to make your little one jump up in joy!

At My Plush Buddy, we recreate any picture, drawing, sketches, or shapes and give them the form of cute and soft custom plush toy.

custom plush toy as the best personalized gift
buddy plush softie

Buddy Softie

Your kid is a little artist and loves to paint figures or draw doodles? Share the drawing with us and we will make a unique custom plush toy that looks exactly like the drawing. Every child has a favorite animal and they want to go to bed with it every day. Be it a cat or a dog or a lion or a giraffe we can convert it into a custom stuffed animal that will surely give your bundle of joy a surprise.

buddy plush selfie

Buddy Selfie

We also make custom plushies from real life pictures! If you want to give your loved ones the most out-of-the-box personalized gift on their birthday or any other occasion, send us a picture of them and we will custom-make a look-a-like plush buddy with everything as it is in the photo. We also have "Buddy Gift Cards" for special occasions which you can gift to your family & friends, so that they can redeem it on our website and get their own custom plushies.

custom plush from drawing

Paint your imaginations onto a canvas and we will bring that drawing to life in the form of a cuddly buddy softie

My Plush Buddy is entirely dedicated to you and your creative ideas. You bring us the ethereal elements - we simply cast a charm on it to come up with something magical and beautiful for you and your kids to play with.

Be it a sketch or a doodle drawn by your kids or a photo or any of your favourite cartoon character, we can turn anything to a custom plush toy or stuffed animal that will always remain with you as your life time companion.

Start doodling now and share your imaginations with us. Our artisans are all set and ready to do magic and get you your very own custom plushie.

We can convert anything into a custom plush toy

From children's drawings to mythical creatures, book characters to any anime character, and to make a real look-a-like custom doll from the photo, our artisans can convert anything into a custom plush toy

Buddy Softies

  •  Book characters
  •  Kid's drawings
  •  Anime Plushie
  •  Plush Redo
  •  Mythical Creatures
  •  Dragon Stuffed Animals
  •  Illustration to Plush
  •  Pony Stuffed Animals

Buddy Selfies

  •  Military
  •  Children
  •  Athletics
  •  Doctors
  •  Co-workers
  •  Mom & Dad
  •  Bride & Grooms
  •  Teachers