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Estimated production lead time - 4 weeks

Expedite production to 7 business days (Option expedite production add-on)

Production timeline does not include shipping time
Utilize gift cards for instant gifiting and enjoy a 15% discount (No code needed)

1. Upload Image

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Select upto 3 files max (jpg, jpeg & png) front, back and side recommended

2. Describe Your Buddy


Every small detail makes a difference! Please provide as much detail as you can as it helps our artisans to understand your buddy in detail. Every detail like features, colours even moods are all helpful detail.


Quantity & shipping discountQuantity Discounts
  • 15% flat discount on 10+ Softies/Selfies/Mascots
  • 20% flat discount on 20+ Softies/Selfies/Mascots
  • 25% flat discount on 30+ Softies/Selfies/Mascots
Shipping Discount
  • First sofite create (International): $26.79
  • Each additional sofite added into the order $7.49 each
  • International order ship via trusted courier partners with tracked shipping (UPS, DHL & DPD)

Note: Mentioned discounts will be auto debited as the quantity reaches the defined limits in the cart page.

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3. Buddy Add-Ons (Optional)

We make buddy softie or buddy selfie in two different sizes. Standard size is 16'' and big buddy size is 25''. Make your buddy a big buddy by opting make a big buddy option.
Remember the date your buddy softie is born! We generate birth certificate for your plush doll in a high quality parchment paper. Beautifully designed birth certificate in just a few bucks is best add-on to opt in.
Need rush production for your custom plush toys. No worries, we can make that happen for you. Expedite production add-on allows you to get your custom made plush to be created in 5-7 days.
Enhance your plush buddy with a voice recorder add-on! Record 15-second audio clips and edit or replace them as many times as you like. 
Voice recorder for custom plush dolls
Add a personalized touch with our photo keychain add-on. Featuring a snapshot of your plush buddy and its reference, it's a cherished keepsake!
Photo keychains of custom plushies